Serving Love

Serving LOVE— Where we must begin with this is ourselves. Most of us are actually quite good at serving others. Whether it’s The Man, our families or partners, our jobs…but really serving ourselves—knowing ourselves, caring well for ourselves, trusting ourselves…and serving from this centered place, is quite a challenge. It begins with who we come

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The First One’s the Devil

First One’s the Devil, or New Age Mind F***   OK so you’ve been praying for…new job, new home, new partner…for a while, along comes said thing. It’s pretty good, not perfect, but good, the little niggling feeling in your tummy, or the mild anxiety, or mild uneasiness must be…self sabotage, not recognizing a good

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Marriage. Until I hit 30, I had a very clear idea inside myself that 30 was the magic number. Somewhere along the way I’d formulated the idea that 30-year-olds were real grown ups. I remember nearing 30 and realizing this idea kind of running me…and then I started getting scared. I wasn’t almost there…I wasn’t

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