The First One’s the Devil

First One’s the Devil, or New Age Mind F***   OK so you’ve been praying for…new job, new home, new partner…for a while, along comes said thing. It’s pretty good, not perfect, but good, the little niggling feeling in your tummy, or the mild anxiety, or mild uneasiness must be…self sabotage, not recognizing a good thing when you see it, greed, general inability to compromise…right?! I’m here to say, very often, the first thing is

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Marriage. Until I hit 30, I had a very clear idea inside myself that 30 was the magic number. Somewhere along the way I’d formulated the idea that 30-year-olds were real grown ups. I remember nearing 30 and realizing this idea kind of running me…and then I started getting scared. I wasn’t almost there…I wasn’t sure where “there” even was…oh shit. I apply this concept to marriage as well—there is no “there”. Whatever you have

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