How’s our silence working for us?

Do you carry a very subtle fear of being fully in your wisdom, intuition, knowing and wildness? The cellular memory of being feared, and hurt or killed for your power…could still be living in your bones. It may be time to accept your fate and claim your place among us (as at this point, how’s our silence working for us? How big a risk is death anyway?) Our silence has nearly killed us–let’s see what our voices and the reclamation

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How Are You?

How Are You? Really… Do you answer this with presence or do you offer a rote response? How often do folks who greet you with this question really want to know the answer? Either way, your response to this multiple-times-daily-asked question can become a Life changing practice! Here’s the secret. Practice really being FINE. How are you? Finethankyouhowareyou? Say FINE, say GREAT, say Very well…come from the place within that really IS THIS—because you really are FINE, all the time…so this is

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SAA (seed sound in Yogic principles meaning  the beginning, infinity, the totality of all that is or will be) FACT: Changing the problem is as easy as changing the container that surrounds it. This is simple, but creates a HUGE container for conflicts, challenges, and problems of all kinds. SMILE, ACKNOWLEDGE, APPRECIATE—an attitude for working with conflict in family life (based on modern brain science and a huge body of research). SMILE Most importantly, smile.

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Discernment—one of my favorite themes. There is always a relevant psychological story attached to our deficits. I see the ability to discern as a current collective deficit. What do we need? What matters? What do I care about? What do I want? What is the difference between a need and a want?   Does this feel good or bad? Does this nourish or appease me? Is doing what others want me to important? What is

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Solid and Gentle Boundaries

Solid and Gentle Boundaries = Joyful Children?!. Black: parenting from the paradigm of the recent past—children are little adults. White: parenting from the New Age paradigm that children are Holy… If we are only granted 2 categories, these could be them…so we meet suppressed, obedient children, more on the fearful side of the emotional rainbow…or we meet unruly, unbounded children, more on the angry side of the spectrum (and really most children swing back and

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Serving Love

Serving LOVE— Where we must begin with this is ourselves. Most of us are actually quite good at serving others. Whether it’s The Man, our families or partners, our jobs…but really serving ourselves—knowing ourselves, caring well for ourselves, trusting ourselves…and serving from this centered place, is quite a challenge. It begins with who we come from-the lineage and ancestry we carry.          Everyone is acting out some kind of non-loving drama, then

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