Using our bodies to create peace

Placing your hand on your heart is frequently an automatic response to a surprise or sad news… Did you know that placing your hand on your heart (or your belly) actually causes the body to release oxcytocin? (Oxcytocin is a “bonding” or love hormone.) So train yourself, especially during hard conversations or moments of conflict, to touch your heart. This is a powerful cue to your brain about how to respond to the situation at

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Seeing our own reflection

Seeing our own reflection. How are you reflecting Spring madness? As a being of this Earth, surely you are mirroring the season…rain or sun or warm or cold or still hunkered down or way way out touching sky in glorious color…or all of that… Feeling chaos? Alarm is saying Wake up! It can be a shock after a winter of dormancy. Feeling uncertainty? Well of course. Life’s just a jumble of questions–Will the shoot make

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Accurate Reflection – as THE evolutionary tool

Accurate Reflection as THE evolutionary tool Once upon a time, a long time ago, I met a man, teacher, mystic, David LaChapelle. David gave me an incredible gift, which I have practiced diligently over the years and have finally adopted as my core tool in working with others. David saw me—not my personality but the very pure heart of me—and over time he reflected that essence of myself back to me again and again regardless

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Life Changing Hour !?

Nothing actually needs changing… except our perception of who we really are. -Lexi Delgado Do you have someone in your life that can see you, fully witness you and recognize who you are, at your core? For many of us, this quality of witness is rare, but for all of us, being seen in our essence and accurately reflected could be considered a requirement for our personal evolution. Knowing ourselves, and being known at our

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No Other

When you love someone there is no “other”. In Life Changing Hour, we connect to the Matrix of Love—in Love there is no separation so I am able to link in to your system and help you read the subtle and present moment messages you are resonating with. We are working with the matrix of connection that is always present. Is this woo woo weirdness or is this real? That is for you to decide. I am known to

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Here’s a really poignant definition for hibernation — choosing to be intimate with the within. For a bear, this is his cave, for a being living in our Now, it means taking the time to listen deeply to the quiet center. Busyness is not an excuse; the quiet center is ever-present so the intention to listen and a few minutes every day to be still is all that is required. That anxiety or depression or restlessness or apathy or ambivalence…it

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