What’s your “Crack”?

First, please forgive this term—for me it’s real. I did my student teaching back in the late 80’s in inner city Washington DC when the crack epidemic was a really big deal. I watched the impact this incredibly addictive drug had on communities (we did “shooting drills” in our classrooms with our children). And I

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What it means to Belong

Belonging   So conscience—our capacity to define right from wrong—defines our actions right?   A quote from a Rumi poem encourages us to transcend that: Out beyond wrong doing and right doing there is a field, I’ll meet you there.   While this is a favorite quote of mine and a real “place” and beautiful

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Inner Hater

Do you know your inner hater?  Do you know the potentially maniacal parts of yourself:   the killer, hijacker, suicide bomber?   One of the many things our current political arena is showing us* is what people who feel oppressed can do when given license to let their frustration, fear, and anger rip.  It looks scary

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All you need is Gratitude

Gratitude   Ever notice that not only are you not totally connected to this “grateful thing” but furthermore you are actually feeling ungrateful?   (Don’t worry, this is a blog. No one can see you. Be honest with yourself. Lack of gratitude is a really common struggle that folks all around you, maybe even yourself,

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The Spiritual/ Emotional Detox Process

The Spiritual/Emotional Detox Process Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who was feeling down and in the throes of “stuff” she thought she’d gotten over. Oh, those ugly days, when old patterns and voices rise again!  And sometimes even louder than before and often just after an expansion or an experience that we thought had

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Let’s talk about RECREATION.

You know, the activity done for enjoyment when one is not working–pleasure, leisure, relaxation, fun, enjoyment, entertainment. And, let’s start by looking at it this way: RE-CREATION. Our play time, our pleasure time, recreation is literally the time we re-create ourselves. It is the time we allow our systems and brains and nervous systems to

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Power vs. Force

How have we as a culture confused power with violence and force? Thus shunning our full capacity to live in the world and contribute to life itself? And how does this affect you and those you love in your life as it is right now? Being powerful does not mean living through violence or force

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Yes and…

Yes and This is a week-long challenge for you— It is a mindfulness practice but it’s also a concrete action that can change your mind and support reduction of inner and outer conflict in your life. We talk a lot about the impact of being positive, the impact of positive thoughts on who and how

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Eye Contact

continued from last week… While we are on the body-brain subject Did you know that eye contact causes mirror neurons to fire even in a conflict? (Mirror neurons are what make us yawn when we see someone else do it, or tear up when we are with someone experiencing grief.) We tend to stop having

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Using our bodies to create peace

Placing your hand on your heart is frequently an automatic response to a surprise or sad news… Did you know that placing your hand on your heart (or your belly) actually causes the body to release oxcytocin? (Oxcytocin is a “bonding” or love hormone.) So train yourself, especially during hard conversations or moments of conflict,

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