Policies & Payments

Preparing for Your Time with Lexi

Please no recreational use of substances for 24 hours prior to events, including alcohol, cannabis, etc. While it is understood that some substances are used medicinally, recreational use of substances can affect your ability to participate effectively in the work–this impacts the entire community.

Time: Allow ample time to drive, arrive and settle in so we can begin on time. There are trails, sitting areas, and spaces for enjoying the natural beauty of the area as part of your experience. Feel free to arrive up to 60 minutes early and stay after end of event. Lexi may or may not be available for check ins during these times.

Day-Long Events: Be prepared with water, food, warm clothes, and anything else that supports your comfort for the day. Lexi provides water, snacks, and refrigerator space for your lunch etc.


Lexi is happy to work with you on payment arrangements, work trade opportunities, sliding scale, and more, but this all must be done in advance. Please read about her commitment to creating a New Economy and schedule a conversation with Lexi to discuss and clarify your participation with this.

Payment must be made at least 24 in advance of the session and can be done online or in person and is non-refundable. Lexi makes herself available for extensive intake conversation prior to booking sessions to ensure a good fit. There are exceptions to every rule; if you feel you need an exception, please contact Lexi to discuss.

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance or the full session rate will be charged if the space is not filled. This is a non-enforceable policy so integrity and respect for Lexi’s time and scheduling is kindly requested.

Rates & Fees

Sessions (Individuals, Couples, Youth & Family)
– $150 per hour and sessions can be bundled into pre-paid 3 session packages for a discount.
– (3) 60 minutes sessions @ $400
– (3) 90 minute sessions @$600 (this is a pre requisite commitment for couples work)

1 day Workshops
– $150 or $75 and a work party

Personal Constellations
– $275 Lexi assembles a group to set your personal, family. or organizational/business constellation (90 minutes + check-in/debrief)

Skills training for adolescents (coordinated and supervised by Lexi)
– $35 an hour and includes text contact, email, and other forms of indirect contact as deemed appropriate in team meeting.
– Hours per month are pre-determined at team meetings and pre paid.

Team Meetings
– $245, these run 90 minutes and include the coordination of team members prior and follow up email with the plan.

For non-contact hours such as care coordination, collaboration, meetings and reviews, there is a $90 hourly rate billed in 15 minute increments. Lexi does not bill insurance but is willing to provide a receipt for services—if you require a receipt beyond her standard offering this also will be billable at $90 per hour.

No one with a sincere desire to work with Lexi is turned away for lack of financial resources, Please See Lexi’s policy on sliding scale, work trade and her vision of A New Economy. And then be in touch with questions, requests.

Policies for Private Sessions

Lexi offers sessions in 60 or 90 minute increments. Initial sessions are 90 minutes and then sessions are offered in 3 session packages. Please know yourself well enough to know whether you will need longer or shorter session times so Lexi can offer you correct support for your unfoldment and keep her schedule in flow.

For those who find re-listening to sessions useful, you are welcome to record sessions on your own recording device.

Policies for Group Immersions

As safety and cohesion are key aspects to our immersions, full commitment to an ongoing group is of paramount importance. Payment in full prior to beginning of event is optimal (and we are respectful of the fact that this is not always possible). Payment plans must be agreed upon in writing –please note, it is your responsibility to  write up agreement and make a time to review with Lexi– agreement will include post-dated checks and/or verification of secured online payment–this allows our attention to be on the more relevant aspects of our work together.

Your full commitment at the time of registration is expected and our non-refundable deposit and payment policy reflects this–you are taking a limited space in our community, we will all rely and depend upon each other and our presence in groups, this is not a light or check-it-out scenario so please be certain of your commitment prior to saying YES. (AND, as unexpected things do happen in life, we will review, on a case by case basis, where exceptions to this policy may be appropriate or necessary.)

Youth Policies

My first meeting with your family is to set the stage for everyone in the family to be on the same page, so I ask that both parents and any siblings join. There are exceptions to this request, but this is an important piece.

I am fundamentally opposed to working with a teen or adolescent with no contact with their parents. I believe it is a better service to support communication, integrity, and balanced independence and closeness between parents and young people than to give a teen a “safe place” that is shut off from their families. That said, I do provide a safe place for adolescents but, with integration as a primary goal for the brain and for their lives, this typically includes some work with parents and or siblings when appropriate.

I like to make myself available to families by text and email as needed and will sometimes reach out to a teen on a whim just to check in. Teens know there’s no expectation to respond, but they generally report appreciating hearing from me. Sometimes, when a family is in crisis mode, they need quite a bit of my time outside of session time. I do my best to be accessible, and if the needed time goes beyond about 30 minutes a month, I begin to ask for a non-contact rate of $90 per hour. If a family is working with me on a sliding scale, we work something else out.

Cancellations require 48 hours’ notice, or I ask that you pay for the session. I give everyone one break on this and then consider extenuating circumstances. This is a request, and, obviously, I cannot enforce this policy.

Thank you for your trust. I hold family work as sacred and will do by best to serve your family and child’s well being. Questions, concerns, and comments are always welcome.

I am looking forward to meeting with you and your child.

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