Who is Lexi?

Lexi is a mother to two beautiful children, has been married for over 20 years, and lives and works on a blossoming biodynamic permaculture farm in Ashland, Oregon. She is a passionate advocate of human potential and evolution in these challenging, tender, and seemingly urgent times.

Lexi Alma, MA, has degrees in Education, Counseling, Psychology and Group Facilitation. She has worked with expert teachers and leaders in the fields of Neuroscience and many areas of Human Potential for over 25 years. Lexi has worked as a mental health therapist, counselor, coach, and mentor and served children in the ‘system,’ adolescents, families in crisis, couples on the rocks, adults just trying to make it, professionals wanting an edge on their career, and anyone who longs for a truer experience of life.

Lexi utilizes tools from many arenas of Sacred Science — Mindful/Presencing Practices, Neuroscience, Wisdom Traditions, and Systemic Constellation Work. Lexi’s capacity to synthesize information from a wide body of modalities is one of the things that makes her a uniquely effective practitioner. This powerful work teaches necessary tools for taking on one’s own transformation. Her laser sharp focus provides accurate reflection and input that will rapidly propel you forward to the place you long to arrive.

Lexi recognizes participants’ unique capacities, supports them in anchoring this in their bones, and works directly with the brain so new neural pathways are built—this sustains positive and lasting change. She dedicates her life to supporting humanity’s rapid evolution in these incredible times of change.

Do you wonder...

Why Lexi?

How is this work different?

Efficiently and effectively, Lexi helps us find the core energetic—getting beyond the problem to the heart of the matter—which is what is really affecting our system. She helps us unravel unproductive patterns and rewire our brains to establish and maintain desired ways of being, so we are free to live into the best expression of ourselves.

Through her many Offerings, Lexi gives practical tools for living from our center of wisdom and goodness, and provides tangible and interactive opportunities for transformation.

In individual sessions, we look at our current state of evolution and how that connects to our lineage, our family of origin, our community, and the paradigm in which we live.

In couples work—what Lexi calls the “we”—we explore the connection points between two individuals as well as the other factors that weave themselves into our partnerships, family patterns, belief systems, habits, sacred contracts, and more.

Lexi believes that the remedy for this might be moving from Self to Service.

True healing comes as we discover our unique contribution and feel aligned with our destiny—this is Lexi’s definition of service. While the need to heal is woven into the human condition, it doesn’t have to be the central theme of our lives.

You are here to heal the world in some particular way. Isn’t it time to find out what it is?

Being fully ourselves—shedding our fear of danger by being seen, or being too bright, or too strong—is the imperative of NOW. If you are here, this is one of the contracts you signed—to fully show up, in your unique way, for the full spectrum of challenge, beauty, experience and love of this life, this life right here.

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