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MatrixWalk is a 9-month immersion group program with Lexi DelgadoRegistration for 2021 begins in November!

Our work together is centered on three main components, all based in a small, safe, consistent community setting:

1) PERCEPTION SKILLS. The 94% of livingness we cannot see, hear, feel, taste or touch but that we know exists and interfaces with us often.

2) WHOLE HUMAN COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Expressing ourselves deeply and authentically with words, body language and energy.

3) SELF MASTERY. Working to tame and empower our minds and brains, our psychological selves and other aspects of our identities. 

  • Learn to trust your innate guidance system and read the subtle cues being regularly presented to us.
  • Interact more honestly, courageously and effectively with yourself and others.
  • Expand your ability to perceive and respond to what matters most by staying integrated and connected even under stress.
  • Build a kinesthetic understanding of what authentic community and correct support feels like and why it matters.
Constellation Work - Lexi Delgado

In MatrixWalk, Lexi combines the use of highly effective modalities which include Systemic Constellation Work, mindfulness practice, somatic awareness, presencing, core meditation, dialogue, storytelling, movement, breathwork, silence, and MatrixWork.

Through her impeccable guidance, deep presence, precise insight, charisma, humor, and compassion, Lexi offers masterful facilitation and profound wisdom. Lexi’s attentiveness to each individual’s needs and areas of “work” is nothing short of astounding. By the end of MatrixWalk, you’ll have a toolbox full of daily practices from Lexi, a trusted community, and newfound sense of support for life.

The 9-Month Program includes:

Three residential weekend retreats held at PrayerFarm in Ashland, Oregon.
Retreats begin on Friday at 5pm and end at 6pm on Sunday. While we strongly recommend that participants step completely away from their lives, including technology and family lives during these weekends, we leave the choice about where to stay to you. If you wish to stay here on PrayerFarm, there are several options available from camping to guest bedrooms to a private apartment. Contact Lexi to discuss needs and additional fees for accommodations.

View from deck at prayer farm

*COVID-19 Considerations: As we all adapt to the constantly changing situation we’re all in, MatrixWalk gatherings will as well. Guidelines will be issued near retreat weekend times to accommodate the most up-to-date information.

All meals (with the exception of Friday dinner which is potluck*) will be provided. Please also bring one snack item to contribute to the weekend—chocolate, popcorn, fruit, nut butters, etc.

  • Meals will be simple, organic vegetarian fare, and gluten and sugar free. If you have further dietary restrictions, you may wish to bring food to supplement what we offer. There will be refrigerator space available here at PrayerFarm.
  • *Friday Potluck— Please bring a contribution that can feed six or more people. This is not a cooking contest; something from a local market is fine. We do ask that all contributions be organic, vegetarian, gluten and sugar free. The Ashland Food Co-Op in town is a great resource.

Weekly practice groups via Zoom (online). Meetings are weekly on Tuesdays from 6-8pm. These meetings can be joined online via Zoom, for distance participants if you are unable to be there in person and participation is strongly encouraged.

Sliding Scale Tuition

$3600, with sliding scale $2400-$4600. A session with Lexi is required to determine appropriateness for the group. Please read and complete this document in preparation for this session. A minimum of three private sessions and/or three workshops with Lexi is a prerequisite for joining this program.

It is our hope that anyone called to join is able to work this New Economy Model at their deepest level by taking what they need while giving as much as they can. You can schedule a 30-minute conversation with Lexi to support you in this process. There are a limited number of work trade opportunities as a way to create balance with lower end of scale. This includes monthly work party opportunities, cooking at the retreats, and a variety of other ways of contributing.

A $500 non-refundable deposit holds your space. Hear the call? Email Lexi today!
For more information, please contact Lexi at or call 541-631-9456.

Three-participants in Matrixwalk with Lexi Delgado
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