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WAKE UP CALLS – Monthly Sadhana

Monthly sadhana (practice) with a live question and answer time. This space will be a chance to connect and share successes, challenges and questions with each other and get support and insights from Lexi. The first 20 minutes will follow the standard Wake Up Call format and then we’ll move into sharing and question/answer time.

WAKE UP CALLS – Just Breathing

In today’s Wake Up Call, Lexi offered this simple practice of in and out, of attention on breath as the pillar

I And Love And You

In today’s Wake Up Call Lexi addresses LOVE—what it is, what it is not, while also guiding us in silence and the steadiness of breath

WAKE UP CALLS – Nothing Else

In today’s Wake Up Call, we work with…nothing…we are both afraid of, and so longing for, the void.

WAKE UP CALLS – Singing Caves

In today’s Wake Up Call Lexi invites you into your silence, your stillness, and your breath through the power of song.

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