How do we keep love at the heart of our relationship?

What matters most in partnership?


How is the WE?

(What is the We?)

The WE is the body that has formed between you—the “greater than the sum of our parts” part of the relationship and when we forget to tend to this “body”, we can often lose sight of what matters in a relationship or the essence or deeper potential of the relationship.

When WE falls apart

When this happens, we often also lose sight of why we are in this other than the nitty gritty tasks and division of labor stuff. We can quickly become disenchanted because sharing the work, when what we really want to share is our heart, leaves a deep longing for something other than what we think we have.

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Returning to WE

During a couple’s session you will find and tend the love, find and tend the potentiality, find and tend the essence of each other. Enjoying WE means making that essence more real, important and central than the problem – this is the solution.


Why Now?

Lexi is uniquely talented at supporting couples by balancing the practical—communication skills and regular daily practices, with the impractical (love is not practical!)—destiny, evolution, and what Life itself wants from our Union. She is able to teach skills while also accessing the invisible threads of connection that bind us, and helping us find ways to untangle the tangled threads, and weave them into a more satisfying and elevating life and Union.


Lexi has been working with couples for over 15 years.
She has also been in partnership with her husband for 22 years.
Being awake and alive in marriage and partnership is a daily practice and experience for her so you’ll find that she’s grounded in the realities of time, family life, and balancing the many blessings and challenges while bringing a refreshing take on what makes partnership thrive and grow.

Skype Sessions Available

Skype Sessions Available

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Tell us about your experience

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