Constellation Work

Lexi currently offers three modes of accessing Constellation Work:

Private sessions, 1-day workshops, or ongoing classes

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Private sessions are ideal for people shy working in a group setting, or want one-on-one attention for their particular topic or need.

1-day Workshops are a potent way to experience Constellation Work and is an ideal arena for bringing a specific issue you want to work with. These take place over weekend days.

Participating in the ongoing Constellation Work Series gives you the benefit of on-going practice of the skills associated with Constellation Work and provides a solid community environment to return to week after week. These take place in the evenings.

What happens during Family Systems Constellation Work?

Incredible growth and evolution happen when we remove the limitations and barriers of our psychological minds. In this work the scope of our ability to heal is expanded.

We also incorporate a battery of highly researched tools for reducing anxiety, clearing depression, and building self confidence such as:

mindfulness and use of breath

connecting our system to correct support connection katie heidi

linking mind and body intelligence

grounding into body-based wisdom

re-establishing ancestral connections

experiencing our direct connection to the Earth

Family Constellations give us the opportunity:

to connect deeply with ourselves and each other

to call upon the many under utilized sources and resources available to us

to access our true center, our core, our essential nature

Skype Sessions Available

Skype Sessions Available

Tell us about your experience

Tell us about your experience

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