Apprenticeship to the Mystery

An evolutionary program that empowers participants to reclaim a set of nearly lost human Birthrights – which have been slowly and silently lost in the shuffle of “progress”.

Current Apprenticeship 2016 is Full.

Apprenticing ourselves to The Mystery empowers us to actively participate in our own and the collective evolution of  humanity. Time is speeding up-so is our ability to learn and evolve.

What do I mean by Birthrights? 

-Our direct connection to and relationship with the Earth

-Our “intuition”

-Our body and collective-system-based knowing

-Our ancestral support and guidance

-Our ability to know how our own bodies, brains, and systems work

-Our ability to connect to other systems; life forms, energies, sources of wisdom

At this critical time in history, our ability to connect to a deeper set of values, access our deepest calling, and remember aspects of our humanity that have been lost, are not just a good idea, but an imperative for our survival as a species.

People who will benefit from this program: 

-Have done a significant amount of their personal/psychological workgroup in chairs

-Have a solid relationship to Spirit,

-Are ready to step into a Life of service

-Are committed to embodiment

-Are emotionally, spiritually and literally able to commit to a very rigorous  evolutionary experience.

Most people are feeling frightened, uncertain, foggy, disconnected, and want change but do not know how to get there—Or are experiencing powerful connections to, and revelations from, other realms but are finding it difficult to ground and stay embodied.

Apprenticeship to the Mystery is a potent and truly effective tool of transformation and Lexi is a gifted guide and skillful facilitator of this rich and beautiful program.

Together we  create a powerful, supportive, transformative learning community.

We utilize individual and group contemplation, personal practice, group time, individual sessions, and specific meditations, practices, and attunements to realign ourselves with the body of  wisdom currently living in the realm of The Mystery.

The program consists of :

-6 day-long workshops

-3 Weekends at beginning, middle and close of program

-Weekly practice sessions Thursday mornings October though May

-Weekly class times on Tuesday nights October-May

-9 session/mentorship hours 1-on-1 with Lexi

Entrance into the program is through individual conversation with Lexi.

Prerequisites include a minimum of 1 Life Changing Hour Session with Lexi and an ability to commit to full program.


Part of this amazing Intensive Program are intimate gatherings called Life Changing Hour.

Life Changing Hour is a potent and unique merging of powerful and Life changing tools worked within a group context. Groups typically meet over several weeks so that the new habits, practices, and neural pathways can establish permanently-replacing unwanted thought and behavior patterns with satisfying ways of being. The group context enhances, expedites and supports the openings of each individual by linking our personal work with the work of the collective.

Skype Sessions Available

Skype Sessions Available

Tell us about your experience

Tell us about your experience

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