Meet Lexi Delgado




Lexi Delgado‘s work is a synthesis of over 25 years of experience working in the fields of education, mental health, and spiritual growth.

Lexi’s background and education in psychology grounds her work in the necessary ethics, theory, and best practices of the field of mental health counseling and places a framework around what is often called “healing work”.

Her passion for, experience with, and continuing education in the applications of neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology bring a solid understanding of how the brain works. Lexi is skilled in guiding people toward the simple reality that if we want to change our lives, our behavior, our understanding of ourselves and our world, we must also change our brain. Consistent use of mindfulness tools and practices are the most current and widely researched tools for effectively changing our brains. These tools are among Lexi’s favorite – these practices place effective, evidence based tools of change into the hands of the individuals, couples and families she serves.

Lexi creates a powerful emphasis on the learning of practical skills through the use of “practices” or actions of 20-60 seconds multiple times throughout the day. Years spent working in education as an early childhood and elementary teacher helped her to understand that what happens in “the classroom” must also be practiced out in the world for the learning to become real. Lexi offers tools which are incredibly easy to integrate into daily life.


Lexi Delgado has degrees in education, counseling, psychology and group facilitation. She has worked in the fields of education and mental health for 25 years. Lexi utilizes tools from many arenas of Sacred Science*— Mindfulness, Yoga, Cosmology and Constellation Work. Lexi is the founder of the School of the New Work— a resource for evolutionary growth and learning. She has been married, mothering and living in Ashland, Oregon for over 18 years. Lexi dedicates her life to supporting humanity’s rapid evolution in these incredible times of change.

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