How Are You?

ant waterHow Are You?

Really… Do you answer this with presence or do you offer a rote response? How often do folks who greet you with this question really want to know the answer? Either way, your response to this multiple-times-daily-asked question can become a Life changing practice!

Here’s the secret. Practice really being FINE. How are you? Finethankyouhowareyou?

Say FINE, say GREAT, say Very well…come from the place within that really IS THIS—because you really are FINE, all the time…so this is the opposite of a rote asleep fine, it’s digging into your core for TRUTH, and sharing it. Your entire system will thank you as realizing the simple truth that we are fine, really fine, is just so helpful to our taxed nervous system, to our community, to Life itself.

And then, from that fine place, what else?

You’ll discover that the rest of your answer to the question will be centered, open hearted, and authentic…ahhh. Yes.

Do this, stick to it for 21 days and I am certain, you will experience Life differently, and Life will experience YOU differently.

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