Serving Love


Serving LOVE—

Where we must begin with this is ourselves.

Most of us are actually quite good at serving others. Whether it’s The Man, our families or partners, our jobs…but really serving ourselves—knowing ourselves, caring well for ourselves, trusting ourselves…and serving from this centered place, is quite a challenge. It begins with who we come from-the lineage and ancestry we carry.          Everyone is acting out some kind of non-loving drama, then we experience how irrelevant our preferences, wishes, fantasies or demands are when we are infants and small children; then it carries on into our experience in the education system. When it’s time to step into the world, we have typically drank some kind of kool-aid—aka we typically all have some story about who we are, who we need to be, how to get there—and very rarely is that attached to self care/knowledge/understanding….

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