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 Highly Effective Tools for Evolution

Lexi guides people towards deeper connection, congruence, and peace with…

  our lives

our behaviors

our relationships

our world

            Shifting our perspective, and re-framing outdated beliefs is how we change our brains to reveal our authentic selves.

This is Life Changing.

Using mindfulness practice, somatic integration and the wisdom traditions,  Lexi places effective, evidence-based tools of change into the hands of the individuals, couples and families she serves. Benefit from current & evidence-based tools for personal transformation.

I feel a sense of relaxation, of not having to be so on guard or be in control all the time.

NS – Talent, Oregon

My work has become more fluid and creative.

TM – Ashland, Oregon

This work expedites the process.

I don’t want someone to just tell me something, I want to see how it works.

CC – Talent, Oregon

Working with Lexi has been one of the most important and profound experiences of my life. I highly recommend this work to anyone.

-KL Ashland, Oregon

Because of this work I trust the force that I am, the power that I have. I am at ease with myself more than ever before. This work sticks, there is no going back.

-CE Ashland, Oregon

Summer Special!

Have you ever considered setting your own Private Constellation?

As a little summer gift, and because I will not be offering on-going groups or day-long workshops again until the Fall I am offering 4 dates for Private Constellations between now and the beginning of our groups:

Friday August 11th 6:30pm
Wednesday Aug. 30th 3pm
Thursday Aug 31st 6:30pm
Tuesday September 12th 11am

And I am offering them at the reduced rate of $175 instead of the normal $225.

First come first served so call or email us ASAP to reserve one of these dates!